Small Diameter Water Main Leak Detection


Echologics is a global leader in small diameter water main leak monitoring projects and leak detection equipment sales.  Our acoustic leak detection technology has been used in hundreds of deployments and ductile iron has been specifically designed to accurately pinpoint leaks in water mains of all material types including steel, cast iron and ductile iron.  Typical pipe diameters for these technology solutions are between 4-inch and 12-inches.  We offer both continuous leak detection and product based solutions depending on the end user need.


The EchoShore®-DX permanent leak monitoring network for distribution mains is a best-in-class technology that can identify a leak virtually as soon as it forms.  The acoustic nodes are fitted into the pumper cap of a fire hydrant, converting hydrants into intelligent field assets that enable utilities to identify leaks sooner and better prioritize repair schedules. 


The LeakFinder-ST correlator offers leak detection crews the opportunity to increase efficiencies with rapid and accurate correlation times on a variety of pipe materials – including plastic and PVC mains. The compact system is easy to use, with a simple software-based platform and streamlined interface developed in collaboration with utilities.  LeakFinder-ST capabilities have been recognized with several industry awards. 


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Continuous Leak Monitoring
Main Diameter Range: 4” to 12”

  • Zones with high levels of water loss – system wide or specific zone
  • Areas with a high rate of water main breaks or aging pipe infrastructure
  • Smart city developments
  • Locations of high consequence in event of main failure


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Condition Assessment Technology

  • Can be done simultaneously with leak detection program
  • Identify pipes that may develop a future leak based on condition
  • Proactive step of a leak detection or NRW program


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LeakFinder-ST™ Correlator

  • Advanced acoustic correlator available for purchase
  • Standardized training program and technical support    


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