Acoustic Technology

Informed decision making through actionable information.


Acoustic sensors are attached to existing contact points on the pipe.


Echologics has applied acoustic technology in over 400 municipal and industrial projects around the world.

Leak Detection

For leak detection, advanced acoustic sensors listen for the presence of leaks. Proprietary computer algorithms accurately identify the location of a leak.


Our acoustic approach has accurately located over 4,000 leaks on distribution and transmission mains.

Condition Assessment

For condition assessment, acoustic sensors capture the speed at which a sound wave travels through the pipe. Computer algorithms convert the data to a pipe condition grade.


Assessed over 5,500 miles of pipe to help utilities optimize capital improvement plans and minimize water main breaks.

It’s the only technology approach that can simultaneously perform leak detection and condition assessment on both distribution and transmission mains.


Critical water mains can be permanently monitored for a variety of operating parameters using advanced connectivity and data visualization.


Using our monitoring technology, one utility was able to repair 90% of their water main leaks before they surfaced.

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