Article | Aug 3, 2016

Inspecting water mains using acoustic technology in Norway

Determining the remaining life of water mains can be a challenging operation. A Norwegian based water company, has recently field tested a new method for this, based on the use of already proven acoustic technology from Echologics. The field tests are designed to help the water company make it easier to plan maintenance and rehabilitation of the water network. [...]

Article | Jul 22, 2016

Monitoring at the ASCE Pipelines Conference

The annual ASCE Pipelines Conference took place in Kansas City, Missouri from July 17-20.  The theme of the conference which brings together leading transmission and distribution main operators and engineers from around the world was “doing more with less” while ensuring that buried pipeline assets operate safely over their design life.  The conference not only provided examples of how cities are dealing with aging water main infrastructure, but presented new methods and creative thinking to better manage these assets.  [...]

Marc Bracken Echologics at Singapore International Water Week

Article | Jul 14, 2016

Making a Big Impact in Singapore

Echologics recently attended Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) which is a global event for the water industry showcasing the latest technologies, best practices and business opportunities.  It’s a strategic program launched by the Singapore Government to grow the water industry and develop water technologies for the greater Asian region. [...]

Article | Jun 25, 2016

Plugging Leaks and Saving Water in Asia

Almost 29 billion cubic metres of water are lost each year in Asia due to leaks and water theft from water networks. Acoustic-based technologies from Echologics can enable water companies and utilities to locate leaks quickly and without ground excavations.[...]

Article | Apr 21, 2016

Is Las Vegas Becoming the Silicon Valley of Water?

Article appeared in POLITICO MAGAZINE -- This is a great article that describes the ambitions of Las Vegas to become a Water Technology Hub. The EchoShore®-TX transmission main monitoring platform described in the article plays a key role in attracting and implementing smart water technology.[...]

Article | Apr 8, 2016

Echologics and Ranhill Sign NRW Agreement

Article appeared on The Malaysian Reserve --Ranhill Holdings Bhd's subsidiary, Ranhill Water Services Sdn Bhd (RWS), is partnering Canadian technology company, Echologics, to further expand its capability in managing non-revenue water (NRW) with the latter's new technology in the field. The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to that end, but are expected to come up with a joint-venture agreement in the next two weeks, according to Ranhill water division CEO Ahmad Zahdi Jamil.[...]

Article | Mar 28, 2016

German Water Main Condition Assessment Trial

A major German water company responsible for the operation of thousands of kilometers of pipe infrastructure which distributes up to 25 million cubic meters of water yearly to about 370 thousand people initially planned an extensive replacement program of its water mains along with scheduled road works. The water company selected the Echologics acoustic technology to assist in its pipe replacement decision making process by assessing approximately 3,300 m of its decades-old asbestos cement (AC) and cast iron (CI) water mains.[...]

Article | Mar 23, 2016

Flexible Data Backhaul is the Key to an IoT Smart Utility

Echologics and its affliates offer flexible data backhaul options for utilities, giving them the opportunity to migrate their data as they grow into full IoT-enabled smart cities. This flexibility allows water utilities to implement new technology at their own pace via a radio, cellular or the LoRa-based networks, enabling them to expand overtime.[...]

Video | Mar 18, 2016

'Pipe whisperers' Locate Leaks

I really enjoyed reading a local newspaper article from the Las Cruces Sun-News yesterday – great headline! Echologics "the pipe whisperers" have a contract in place with Las Cruces Utilities to search for water main leaks. No small task given that the utility manages over 600 miles of water main running beneath the city streets. Finding leaks early not only prevents water loss but also prevents costly infrastructure damage from aging pipelines.[...]

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