NRW is the difference between the volume of water supplied to a system and the volume of water that is billed to its consumers. Reducing NRW is a major challenge for water utilities and municipalities.

To develop an effective NRW management strategy, utilities and municipalities and often the regulator must undergo a detailed water audit and forensic analysis that quantifies and validates the components of water consumption and water loss in a system. NRW is made up of three components, un-billed authorized consumption, apparent loss and real loss. Each component has its own particular cause, effect, value and set of solutions. The results of the audit are used to formulate a management strategy that will reduce the component volumes of NRW to economic levels within the system.

Echologics has evolved from a leak detection and asset condition assessment company to a full service NRW solution provider. Asset Logics Pipe Performance Analysis and Asset Logics Water Efficiency Evaluation services provide a complete spectrum of NRW analysis.

We can work with your utility or municipality to efficiently and cost-effectively conduct a detailed water audit, develop and implement a NRW management strategy using the industry standard tool boxes for apparent and real loss control, and provide ongoing maintenance that will help ensure sustainable minimal or economic NRW levels based on your local reality. If required we can also provide automated high tech solutions to monitor and control your system.

The ability to properly assess and control water losses helps to ensure efficient use of water resources and equitable and safe distribution of water to all legitimate customers. This is important considering that water consumption is expected to increase 40% by 2025.


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