Water isn’t just water. It is dwindling and wasting through underground leaks that are responsible for millions of dollars of water loss. Fortunately, harnessing sound with acoustic technology that accurately detects leaks and assesses the condition of water pipes—without breaking ground—has been made a reality by Echologics.


A division of Mueller Co., a company known for its innovative water distribution products of superior quality since 1857, we work with municipalities across North America and around the globe to help them efficiently and cost-effectively:
•    Reduce non-revenue water (NRW)
•    Improve water conservation
•    Prioritize capital spending
•    Better understand their water infrastructure
•    Pinpoint leaks on pipes of all sizes and materials


Our core technology accurately detects leaks and assesses the structural condition of water pipes, without breaking ground or disrupting service—a capability that is especially helpful as water utilities confront the challenges of repairing and replacing their aging water infrastructure.