Non-Destructive Pipe Wall Thickness Assessment

The amount of old pipe that exists in water systems often dictates how water utilities prioritize their rehabilitation and replacement programs. Seldom are decisions based on actual measurements of the structural condition of pipe. Existing technologies typically require invasive measures that disrupt service and can potentially cause a number of problems such as the introduction of foreign organisms into the water system, loss of tools in the pipe and sediment disturbance that can negatively affect water quality.

Echologics’ non-invasive pipe condition assessment service provides municipalities with an accurate measurement of the remaining wall thickness of selected pipes in their water systems. This helps them to efficiently and cost-effectively prioritize repairs and replacement while simultaneously detecting and locating leaks—all without breaking ground or disrupting service.

Echologics condition assessment service directly measures a pipe’s structural thickness, which provides an accurate indication of the pipe’s remaining life. Its core technology uses a proprietary acoustic-based leak detection system and a comprehensive proprietary database to assess the structural condition of selected water pipes of all sizes and materials.

Our suite of condition assessment services include the following Echologics products:


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