FACT: 30-50% of water is lost through the average aging infrastructure.

If you’re responsible for your water utility, you should also know that there is costly energy associated with municipal water loss through water main leaks. Water utilities are the single largest user of electricity in the U.S. (Source: Von Sacken, 2001).

It’s little wonder that water is considered the new oil.

What’s more, an old, crumbling infrastructure is akin to a time bomb. Think of the potential damage to roads, pipelines, and foundations. Or even the contamination from sewer leaks or other surrounding water.

It’s an issue that you can’t afford to ignore.

Echologics has pioneered an advanced leak detection technology that can provide a utility with accurate failure points non-destructively using acoustic wave analysis. Enough leakage is found during our typical studies so that a rate of return is obtained on the investment in the technology simply on the marginal value of water saved.

That’s why water utilities such as the Las Vegas Valley Water District and Thames Water in London, England,  and others have turned to Echologics.

And, we can help you with your situation – whether it’s leak detection, permanent monitoring or simply assessing conditions.

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