FACT: The average transmission main leak goes undetected for more than 20 years.

With many systems in use throughout the world, it has a proven track record of reliability.

LeakFinderRT Compact provides the same features and advantages of the LeakfinderRT system in a smaller and lighter package that runs the same LeakfinderRT software. It’s ideal for situations where the ruggedness and longer battery of the LeakFinderRT is not needed.

LeakFinderRT Compact incorporates major advances in leak noise correlation technology that dramatically improves leak detection results.

LeakFinderRT Compact uses advanced sensor technology and signal processing to make the system more effective when correlating small leaks or when high background noise is a factor. Also, an enhanced correlation function has been integrated to improve the definition of correlation peaks for narrow band leak noise. This is important for multiple leak situations, plastic pipes or in settings where leak sensors have to be closely spaced.

Off-site analysis of leak noise is available to users. Leak noise sound files can be saved for further analysis or emailed to Echologics if you have more difficult scenarios, so you can find leaks with confidence.

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