All water systems lose a significant amount of the water. A 1/8″ hole in a water main can lose over 1 million gallons a year and even create health concerns.

But, how do you know where you have a leak? Obvious symptoms are visible puddles, overall pressure drops, resulting main breaks, or what appear to be sudden rises in water usage. However, the average leak goes undetected for 20 years or more. Bottom line—finding hidden leaks is the real challenge.

Historically, acoustic leak detection equipment has had limited effectiveness, especially when it comes to locating “quiet” leaks on non-metallic materials, such as plastic and asbestos cement, and large diameter transmission mains—until now.

Echologics’ advanced acoustic-based technology and services provide the proven, non-invasive and non-destructive leak detection resources that far exceed the capabilities of traditional leak detection methodologies.

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