Our Successes

Water service providers across North America, and in Europe, South Africa, Asia and Australia have leveraged Echologics’ leak detection and condition assessment expertise to prioritize pipeline rehabilitation and replacement plans and reduce non-revenue water. But don’t take our word for it, take theirs:

Bottles Up for Acoustic-Based Leak Detection! Echologics Locates Underground Leak for Chinese Bottling Plant

A global leader in the beverage industry had a bottling plant in Shanyang, China, that was losing approximately 150,000 liters of treated water per day through a leak in its water system. The facility’s water system was fed by the city’s water supply through a 300mm service lateral, which provided water for the plant’s operations, employees and fire protection system. Service crews had been searching for the leak for several months, however, their efforts were unsuccessful due to the location of the pipes, which were buried fairly deep (1.5m) under a concrete roadway. Machinery used for the plant’s operations also created a large amount of background noise, which typically makes finding leaks in industrial facilities extremely difficult.

Large Industrial Plant Back in Business Thanks to Acoustic Leak Detection

A large industrial facility in the Houston, Texas area that was owned by a leading international health care, nutrition and innovative materials provider was being plagued by a large water leak in its fire protection system. Water that was being lost through the leak, which amounted to approximately 50 gallons of water per minute, had become apparent and was flooding sections of the road that ran throughout the facility. To prevent additional flooding from taking place while service crews spent a week digging a 30-ft trench where the location of the leak was suspected, the plant shut down its fire protection system.

Acoustic Leak Detection Provides Damage Control for Large Industrial Company’s Force Sewer Main

A large, U.S.-based Fortune 500 industrial company was experiencing multiple leaks on a 1500ft span of six inch steel force sewer main that conveyed sanitary wastewater from one of its plants to a municipally-owned collection system. Fortunately, the company’s alliance engineering firm-Chester, Va.-based Evanco Environmental Technologies, Inc.-turned to Toronto-based Echologics Engineering Inc., a leading developer of advanced acoustic-based technologies for water loss management, leak detection, and pipe condition assessment, for its non-intrusive leak detection expertise and services.

Echologics Helps Ski Club Keep Slopes Open, Non-Invasively Locates PVC Leak–Without Breaking Ground or Disrupting Surrounding Infrastructure

When the world famous Caledon Ski Club suspected that it had a leak in its water system that was constructed primarily of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe, it turned to Echologics to non-invasively locate the leak. Using its advanced leak detection technology that is highly effective when it comes to detecting leaks on pipes of all materials—especially PVC, Echologics quickly located the leak, without breaking ground or jeopardizing underground primary and secondary voltage power lines, sewer lines and cable television lines that were part of the club’s dense infrastructure.

Sounds of Success: Echologics Triumphs Over Other Leak Detection Systems in “Battle of the Correlators”

To determine which correlators would help its special­ists to most accurately and non-invasively detect leaks on metallic and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes—American Leak Detection (ALD) conducted a side-by-side field evaluation of eight different leak detection correlators, including Echologics’ LeakFinderRT™. LeakFinderRT took 1st place in six of the seven test scenarios. Not only was it the most accurate correlator in the evaluation, it was the only correlator that was able to generate readings in the test scenarios involving PVC pipe.

United Water New Jersey Reduces Non-Revenue Water with a Little Help from Echologics

United Water New Jersey Discovers Large Leak on 42″ Water Main with Echologics Transmission Main Leak Detection Service. United Water New Jersey (UWNJ) was concerned about being able to identify transmission and distribution main leaks. In an effort to help improve water conservation and reduce non-revenue water, UWNJ selected Toronto-based Echologics Engineering Inc.

Las Vegas Hits the Jackpot with Acoustic Condition Assessment, Better Understands its Water System without Breaking Ground

Las Vegas Valley Water Department (LVVWD) expected that it would have to replace an entire 6.5 mile span of pipe – a major expense that would disrupt busy roadways. To help prioritize sections of pipe that were in most need of repair, LVVWD turned to Toronto-based Echologics Engineering Inc.

Non-Invasive Leak Detection Across the Pond

Read about the joint leak discovered in Bristol, England. A 27” cast iron joint leak was non-invasively discovered using Echologics’ LeakfinderRT with surface mounted hydrophones. As a result of the technology, field crews were able to quickly repair the leak, which was responsible for losing an estimated of 100 litres of water per minute.