Don’t know where your water is going? Catastrophic failures? Inefficient Capital Spending? Turn to Echologics. 

Echologics provides the highest quality information to water utilities enabling intelligent planning, investment and efficient operation of pipe infrastructure. Better understanding of the underground infrastructure can help water companies reduce capital spending, catastrophic failures and non-revenue water. 

Old, crumbling infrastructure is a ticking time bomb. Water main breaks cause damage to roads, pipelines, and building foundations, and can compromise public safety. Sewer leaks pose a threat to public health. Service disruptions to the consumer result in bad PR for the utility or municipality. These are issues you can’t afford to ignore – but how best to address them?

... Condition
Get to know your water mains. Imagine if your pipes can talk to you. Understanding your infrastructure is crucial when planning your capital spending. Pipeline condition assessment can provide actionable information about your underground infrastructure so that you can better understand your pipelines.
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... Leak
Ignorance isn’t bliss Imagine being able to identify leaks as they occur. Early detection of leaks is possible with innovative leak monitoring technologies. Most leaks don’t surface, and when they do, it is too late.
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