Water & Wastewater Asia Interview with Mark Nicol

Echologics was contracted by GHD to survey approximately 17,500 feet of distribution mains for Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). This pilot project was initiated to fulfill three main objectives – 1) Calibrate the developed Asset Management (AM) desktop model, 2) Ascertain the criticality of the pipes scheduled for replacement based on the predictions of the asset management model, and 3) Evaluate the Echologics proprietary acoustic condition assessment technology. A comprehensive test protocol was established for this pilot project. The AM desktop model was first used to determine the worst condition pipelines and schedule replacements. The next step was to use Echologics’ proprietary acoustic Pipe Integrity Testing (PIT) to survey selected segments of the pipelines scheduled for replacement followed by ultrasonic testing, in-field inspection, surrounding soil sampling and forensic analysis of randomly pulled pipe sections. Echologics’ proprietary acoustic PIT predicted that almost 70% of the pipes being replaced based on asset management model predictions were not in need of replacement, including almost 40% that were at or near original condition. The results of other tests validated these predictions. 

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