Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management (SWIM) Case Study: Condition Assessment of Asbestos Cement Water Mains in California

ARCADIS approached Echologics to gain information on critical portions of asbestos cement distribution mains in the City of San Diego. To achieve these objectives, Echologics utilized the ePulse™ condition assessment method to determine the current condition of the pipe walls and locate leaks. 

ARCADIS U.S., Inc. was contracted by City of San Diego to develop the Asbestos Cement (AC) Water Main Replacement Program Master Plan for the City of San Diego. Extensive literature review of the AC pipe replacement studies was conducted to guide the project methodology. The existing data of City of San Diego was reviewed to establish service levels, consequence of failure and pipe replacement costs to facilitate risk scoring and replacement planning. Subsequently, evaluating the structural integrity of selected asbestos cement distribution mains fills the gaps in pipe data and break analysis. 

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