'Pipe whisperers' Locate Leaks

I really enjoyed reading a local newspaper article from the Las Cruces Sun-News yesterday – great headline! Echologics "the pipe whisperers" have a contract in place with Las Cruces Utilities to search for water main leaks. No small task given that the utility manages over 600 miles of water main running beneath the city streets. Finding leaks early not only prevents water loss but also prevents costly infrastructure damage from aging pipelines.

I think that the utilities senior operations engineer summed up the challenge very well. "Historically it's been impossible to detect a water leak in an underground pipe until there are surface signs like damp spots on the ground or problems with the pavement above the pipes," said Stephen P. Zediak, P.E., Las Cruces Utilities senior operations engineer. "It's very expensive to tear up a street to see what's going on with a pipe that's buried."

Echologics' non-invasive leak detection approach pinpoints small leaks and our technology can simultaneously provide a measure of the remaining structural strength of the pipeline. The approach not only reduces the need for trenching through streets to visually inspect or take samples from pipes but can also translate into saving potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars for utilities and customers.

Las Cruces Utilities has engaged Echologics to inspect problematic areas of the city's water main infrastructure to help identify the location of any existing leaks.

It's always interesting to see your quote in print "Echologics approach and technology is noninvasive, there are no shutdowns of water operations (a huge plus for customers), and it's very affordable." This technology has become especially critical in parts of the country experiencing drought.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in the project and for making this engagement a success!

Posted By: Cynthia Tucker