New Echologics Print Advertisement

Our latest print advertisement for water industry journals has hit the shelf! The ad is running in Water and Waste Digest Magazine and Water Efficiency Magazine – keep an eye open for it! The focus is on the EchoShore®-DX continuous leak detection monitoring platform for distribution mains. It's an innovative approach to leak detection and the creative design team did a great job coming up with a unique concept featuring a fire hydrant that has been retrofit with a smart node for leak detection in the pumper nozzle cap.

The headline is cleaver – "Where there's smoke, there's fire. Where there's fire hydrants, there's leak detection." The body text goes on to describe some of the main advantages of the technology and how it can be used as a building block for a smart water utility.
Imagine being able to use your existing fire hydrants to monitor your distribution mains and identify leaks, well before they surface. With EchoShore®-DX technology, you can.

Now you have a technology that can help you avoid catastrophic main breaks, reduce OPEX spending and prioritize leak repairs. But more importantly, you can minimize and even avoid the problems and costs that come from water main breaks.

Our unique acoustic nodes turn your hydrants into a Smart Water Network. It is a proven leak detection technology that has been used successfully around the world on virtually every type of pipe material. The acoustic technology is built right into a standard pumper nozzle cap so that a stealth appearance is maintained. Best of all, the nodes work with wet and dry barrel fire hydrants.

So if you have water loss and aging infrastructure challenges, you'll want to find out more about EchoShore®-DX technology.

Posted By: Mike Stadnyckyj