Monitoring at the ASCE Pipelines Conference

The annual ASCE Pipelines Conference took place in Kansas City, Missouri from July 17-20.  The theme of the conference which brings together leading transmission and distribution main operators and engineers from around the world was “doing more with less” while ensuring that buried pipeline assets operate safely over their design life.  The conference not only provided examples of how cities are dealing with aging water main infrastructure, but presented new methods and creative thinking to better manage these assets.  

In line with this theme, Echologics showcased several innovative pipeline monitoring technologies, including the EchoShore®-TX for transmission main leak detection monitoring and EchoShore-DX for distribution main leak monitoring.  Both systems are permanently installed and provide daily reports to the pipeline operator about the water loss status of critical water main infrastructure.  ePulse condition assessment technology was also featured and several project references were highlighted during technical presentations about the use of the technology on cast iron, ductile iron and asbestos cement pipes to help determine asset condition.  

Echologics presented two technical papers – 1) Prioritize Your Capital Spending: Make Informed Decisions and 2) Permanent Leak Detection for Water Pipelines: Using Technology to Identify Leaks Prior to Pipeline Failures.  Contact us if you would like to learn more about these topics.

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