Leak Detection Workshop in China

For a country with 20% of the World’s population, but only 6% of global freshwater resources, China faces some major water scarcity issues.  Despite an extensive national water supply network, a rapidly growing population is putting ever increasing strain on a network suffering from aging infrastructure and inadequate management.  Despite major initiatives driven by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), China faces a national NRW rate of approx. 21%, equivalent to 37 m3/km/day.

Echologics recently held a week-long training workshop on leak detection in Xiamen, China.  In conjunction with Xiamen Anyue Trenchless Engineering Technology Company, a leading pipeline rehabilitation engineering company, one of our senior field specialist was on hand to provide training in leak detection theory and its application on local water networks via live demonstrations.  Participants included network managers from local water groups, as well as pipe rehabilitation engineers looking to improve their service offering.  The training sessions offered insight into leak detection theory and first-hand knowledge of its application through valuable hands-on experience.

In addition to providing leak detection technologies to address such water loss, Echologics is committed to educating users on how to use these to maximum effect.  Having the right technology is only one part of the equation; at Echologics we strive to ensure our clients gain a fundamental understanding of where it can be used, when to use it, and how to do so properly.  Our training workshops are an excellent platform to build capacity through knowledge transfer and will be a regular feature in our business development activities in China.