Is Las Vegas Becoming the Silicon Valley of Water?

Article appeared in POLITICO MAGAZINE --

This is a great article that describes the ambitions of Las Vegas to become a Water Technology Hub. The EchoShore®-TX transmission main monitoring platform described in the article plays a key role in attracting and implementing smart water technology.

It sits covertly in a sandy patch of shrub, an octagonal fiberglass box on the gaudiest avenue in America. Inside is a fist-size hydrophone, one of 13 acoustic devices that listen continuously for the minutest of leaks along a miles-long pipeline that daily spits out 7.5 million gallons of water to hotels and casinos along the Las Vegas strip.

It is a piece of sophisticated water technology every bit as remarkable as the 36-story glass pyramid and the replica of the Great Sphinx of Giza that tower across the street. And it is no accident that the first public utility in the country to deploy this technology is in Las Vegas.

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Posted By: Mike Stadnyckyj