Information Day with Cambodian Water Supply Association

To enhance the technical knowledge of its members, the Cambodian Water Supply Association (CWA) regularly holds information sharing workshops and Echologics was the proud sponsor of a recent event.

The majority of CWA members are private water companies with small water supply networks; these networks are constructed of plastic pipe, with an average of 5000 connections and NRW rates of approximately 20%. Current leak detection methodology is based primarily on visual inspection, which means a large percentage of leaks are being left to run because they do not surface and therefore cannot be found. Consequently, technology is needed that can help these private operators find invisible leaks and facilitate their efforts to reduce NRW rates down to the Government's benchmark of 15%.

The Echologics workshop was hosted by CWA and Mr. Ham Ngoun, Director of Kampong Chamlong Water Supply Company. Mr. Brian Wright, Echologics' Business Development Manager – Asia, introduced the concept of acoustic leak detection and explained how Echologics innovative technology can be applied to find invisible leaks and overcome conventional limitations associated with leak detection on plastic networks. Participants were given hands on access to Echologics' range of acoustic leak detection products, including the LeakListener™ unit and the award-winning LeakFinderST™ correlator.

Echologics' technology can assist these private operators to reduce leakage and increase the operational efficiency of their system. Thus enabling them to work towards achieving the mandated NRW rate of 15% or lower. Echologics is proud to work with CWA and its membership to transfer knowledge and help build capacity so that private water companies in Cambodia can address water loss at the grass root level. Echologics will continue to liaise with CWA to help lay the foundation for more advanced data driven methodologies in the future as local water networks expand.

Posted By: Brian Wright