On-Going Training for Water Loss and Pressure Management

Echologics is committed to providing world-class training programs for its field engineers.  Hands on courses are provided at Echologics 3-acre training and research facility located in Walkerton, Ontario, while in-class learning is provided by a number of world renowned experts such as Allan Lambert of ILMSS Ltd.  A core group of Echologics staff recently attended a MasterClass for Water Loss and Pressure Management North Wales provided by Mr. Lambert. 

The MasterClass was designed to share best practices and the latest developments in practical concepts for pressure management in distribution systems. The field has significantly advanced over the past 20 years and field engineer training is critical to follow the sequence of developments, and to understand why some earlier concepts and approaches have been superseded.

The multi-day program focused on recent advances in pressure management; water main burst predictions and pipeline asset life extension; understanding the correlation between pressure and water loss; non-invasive pipeline condition assessment approaches, permanent leakage monitoring applications and updates on academic research projects that are taking place around the world.    

Alain Lalonde, P.Eng. – Director of Business Development (NRW), Echologics had the following thoughts about the training program - “I first met Allan Lambert as a graduate engineer just starting my career in the water loss and pressure management field. His tools and concepts on assessing losses and managing night flows & pressure management remain the best-in-class and always offer new insights.  Our Echologics team appreciated Allan’s efforts and training.  Thank you to Allan for the training and for the trip to the “Box Cottage” which is the birthplace of the current IWA water balance and performance indicators almost 20 years ago!