Echologics Advances Acoustic Condition Assessment

Article appeared in Trenchless Technology Magazine --

There is an infrastructure deficit. That is a fact that a person can verify every day by turning on the news or opening a newspaper (or powering on your tablet).

Proactive sewer and water system owners are looking for ways to get the most "bang for their buck" when making the decision to repair or replace sections of pipe. They also hope to cut critical problems off at the pass.

As asset owners make the shift from a reactive mentality to a proactive one, one of the tools in the toolbox is to use leak detection and condition assessment technologies to narrow down the areas that need the most attention. Toronto-based Echologics, and its founder Marc Bracken, P.Eng, are early evangelists trying to change the tide.

"We saw a real need in the market to have a high-level, non-invasive, method that allowed utilities to know what condition their infrastructure is in," Bracken says. "Until we came along, really the only way to do it would be to dig the pipes out of the ground or to put a pig in them, which is expensive and disruptive to the water system."

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Posted By: Anotha Thamesh