Continuous Leak Detection via Fire Hydrants

I've been meeting with utilities all over North America that are looking for ways to reduce their Non-Revenue Water. While we discuss a number of solutions, we mostly end up discussing EchoShore®-DX, a continuous monitoring system for proactive leak detection.

The technology platform uses advanced acoustic sensors and proprietary processing algorithms to detect and pinpoint the source of faint noises emitted by leaks long before they become detectable by conventional detection methods. The data is then transferred via a number of different methods right to the cloud. The result is a virtually automatic leak detection system.

Almost all of the utilities I speak with appreciate the many benefits of the platform, such as reduction of catastrophic main brakes, the minimizing of non-revenue water loss as well as maximizing their crew efficiency, one benefit seems to universally pique their interest.

This technology is installed in a standard pumper nozzle cap in their existing fire hydrants. Compared to traditional noise logging methods, this offers many advantages. There is no more intense labor involved with identifying, locating, and cleaning out dirty valve boxes. The additional problem of how hostile that environment is can now be avoided. They also appreciate the bonus of not putting their crews in peril by having them out in the street and needing to avoid traffic. Finally, the above ground install makes for the best possible strength of signal allowing the best radio or cell transmission. There are no other technologies available in this space that offer these benefits.

Posted By: Lou Rossetti