CA-NV AWWA Chapter Leak Detection Training

What better way to spend some downtime in the Winter than gathering information to help make your job easier and improving the product for your customers! The California – Nevada (CA-NV) American Water Works Association (AWWA) provided just that opportunity with a leak detection workshop taught by Mike Simpson of M.E. Simpson. Mueller Co. was a lead sponsor for the California leak detection workshops and had some of our leading technologies for leak detection and pressure management on display.

The training classes, which were held over three weeks at different locations in the state of California, provided a step by step process for leak detection in the field. Unlike other training classes on this subject I have attended over the years, the CA-NV program really took participants from "cradle to grave" on the process of finding water leaks. By including brief but thorough explanations on pipe locating, condition assessment and mapping, the California leak detection program was able to paint a very good picture of the entire process.

While technology has improved greatly over the last 60 years since acoustic enhanced water leak detection first made its debut (think vacuum tube technology here folks!), the best results are achieved by following a simple process. Water Leak Detection is, or can be, tough even on good days. If a technician follows the process as laid out in this presentation, many of the opportunities for failure are laid by the wayside.

Following a process and using the correct equipment for the job go a long way towards enabling the facility owner, or their contractor, to be more effective and successful in reducing their non-revenue water. The equipment used in leak detection has not just improved, it has expanded capabilities. From the old days of using only the human ear we have entered a time when data and hard information, such as frequency of sound, sound levels, pressure, and flow are all available real time to allow operators to make good decisions about where to excavate via the EchoShore®-DX system. Proper training and technology making a tough job easier. Congradulations to the California-Nevada American Water Works Association for putting on a great series of seminars and for presenting the correct process to make a difficult leak detection job just a little easier!

Posted By: Brad Horton