FACT: On average 700 water main breaks occur each day nationwide

Sometimes, the best way to hear a leak is to eliminate other noises.

LeakTuner is a robust, full-featured acoustic leak listener with simple menu driven controls. Sophisticated. Accurate. Innovative. Finding and confirming leaks has never been easier.

Using continuously adjustable filters, LeakTuner can be set to your exact preference.

This allows you to set the best frequency range to hear the leak noise, or to eliminate other noises that interfere with optimum listening conditions. Amazingly, LeakTuner has the ability to substantially reduce electronic “white” noise as well as ambient background noise. Leaving you with the ability to clearly hear even the quietest leaks.

Depending on the situation, an alternative to using a ground mic is attaching the high sensitivity sensor to pipes, hydrants, valves or fittings or by using the hand probe with extension rods. This provides another way of direct listening to leak noises.

The LeakTuner base model is supplied with a high sensitivity sensor, ground tripod (for uneven ground), low temperature cable, hand probe with extension rods, combination shoulder/belt strap, charger, hard Pelican™ case and instruction manual.

The optional EchoFoot ground microphone can be added  for improved sensitivity to ground-based leak noise. Distracting wind noise, soft ground surfaces and ambient noise such as road traffic, airplane noise, pump stations are reduced. For added isolation, the rubber skirt at the base of the EchoFoot shields wind noise.

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