New Jersey American Water: Improving Asset Management & Water Conservation

New Jersey American Water leverages advanced acoustic-based technology from Echologics to non-invasively detect leaks and measure the remaining wall thickness of it transmission and distribution mains. Watch the video below to hear New Jersey American Water discuss its proactive approach to water system asset management and how Echologics' technology helps it to more effectively: Detect leaks Prioritize water system repair &...

Non-Revenue Water Overview

A major challenge facing water utilities and municipalities is reducing NRW. Essentially, NRW is the difference between the volume of water supplied to a system and the volume of water that is billed to its consumers. Marc Bracken, Vice President and General Manager of Echologics, and Matt Thomas, Vice President of Mueller Systems, discuss NRW and how utilities can reduce ...

Making the Smart Move® in New Orleans, LA

Water isn’t just water. It is dwindling and wasting. But how can you save it if you can’t find it? The City of New Orleans is making the Smart Move® by using Echologics’ acoustic technology for leak detection in pipes to find and fix locations where the city is losing non-revenue water.